How to Overcome Not Reaching Your Goals

Are you feeling frustrated because it’s taking too long to reach your goals? Are you tired of going from one diet to another and getting limited results? Have you been following dating advice but still have not found that special someone? You are not alone. Many people are fed up with following advice and never attaining their desired outcomes. What is the problem?

There is lots of effective information available to us. Some of the information and ideas conflict with each other. However, that does not mean the one school of thought is right and the other is wrong. In many cases, both pieces of information may have its pros and cons. With that in mind, it may be possible to get positive results from a variety of diverse ideas. So, we still need to discover why you have not attained your goals yet. What is missing?

Is the problem that you just haven’t found the perfect information? Probably not. The answer may be that you have had a lack of DILIGENCE.  In other words, you have not put in the required amount of work long enough. For instance, if you don’t lose weight fast enough, you quit the plan you are following and begin searching for another. If you don’t find the “perfect romantic partner”, you ditch the dating advice you were following and seek something different. If your marriage doesn’t improve right away, then you discontinue the marriage counseling.  The list can go on and on.

The problem is that you are not putting in the necessary diligence for the needed amount of time to get the results you are after. Again, the problem may not be the information, idea, or advice. But, you are just not diligent for the required duration.

You have the power to change your experience! Decide to keep putting forth the necessary action. Yes, when you do the same thing repeatedly it can become boring. Yet, this is the time where you need to keep at it. Diligence is your answer, even when obstacles like boredom try to stop you.   

No longer blame a person, an idea, or advice you received as the sole reason why you have failed to reach your goals. Ask yourself the following questions: Am I being diligent? Have I been diligent long enough? If your answer is no, then keep on persevering. Keep on being diligent. Keep working hard until you attain your desired results.

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