2021: The Year of Your Transformation

Happy New Year! You made it to another year. You can put the disappointments of 2020 behind you and choose to create a new beginning for 2021.

Embrace change. Actually, why not make 2021, “The Year of Your Transformation”. Reject the thought of just setting ordinary New Year Resolutions. Decide to establish goals that will transform you into the person you have always wanted to be.

Yes, you may have accomplished things in your life that are noteworthy, but you know there is so much more than you can achieve. This is an exciting time. You can change for the better and elevate your life to a new level of happiness. Do not settle for mediocre improvement. Supercharge your life with powerful energy. How?


Commit to goals that make you uncomfortable and will change your status in life once you accomplish them. What do you want? Think deeply about it. Do not just operate in the realm of average. Do not fear “failure”. Do not short-change yourself from living an extraordinary life.

The ball is in your court. The decision you make now will determine your status one year from today. Every decision you make is leading you somewhere. Are your decisions directing you to where you really want to go? Or, are you going through the motions and just existing in life.


2021 can be, “The Year of Your Transformation”. Do not allow yourself to make excuses. That is taking the easy way out. It is when you pursue “hard goals” that you truly awaken yourself.

In contrast, when you only seek to attain “easy goals” life quickly becomes boring. Why should you live a boring life? Life can be exciting. Why not put yourself in a position where you cannot wait to wake up every morning? That can be your reality. Commit to making 2021, The Year of Your Transformation. 

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