The Soul of Your Baby

Men and women have a variety of things in common. But there are some things that are unique to each gender. For example, only a woman is blessed to experience the miracle of pregnancy and giving birth. And, it is fascinating how the pregnant woman becomes the life source for her baby. Of course, it is up to the pregnant woman to eat the proper number of calories, intake the appropriate amount of nutrients, and make regular visits to her doctor, so the baby can develop well physically and be healthy when born. We surely understand and agree on the importance of these actions by the pregnant woman for a healthy baby. But,
there may be a missing part.

The physical aspect of your pregnancy is crucial, but an element of your pregnancy that may go unnoticed is the SOUL part of your baby. Yes, the soul. The development of the physical body of your baby is given prominent attention (rightfully so). However, the soul of your baby is also developing in your womb just like its physical body.

What things contribute to developing your baby’s soul?

  • Your environment.
  • Your emotions.
  • Your Words.

These are some of the things that contribute to developing your baby’s soul.

As an example, any negativity in your environment, and negative emotional energy coming from you can unfavorably affect your baby. Yes, your baby experiences the negative energy in your environment and coming from you. Therefore, you must protect
your baby’s soul while in your womb.

What are some things you can positively do to develop your baby’s soul?

  • Take time each day to speak positive words to your baby.
  • Regularly play calming music for your baby to hear.
  • Consistently generate loving emotions about your baby throughout your day.
  • Avoid stressful and negative environments as much as possible.

Remember this… The development of your baby’s soul is just as important as its physical body.  So, make it a priority to protect and invest in the development of your baby’s soul while you are pregnant.

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