Do you feel misunderstood by those around you?  Do you feel like those closest to you are always trying to change you? Are they always saying things that make you feel like your personality, your way of doing things, and your uniqueness is not good enough? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone.

Most of the time when people display their difference from the crowd or what is considered “normal”, they experience some level of push back in some way. And, when the push back happens, it is easy to conform to the crowd and what is considered normal. 

But, when you conform to the crowd and what is considered normal, how does that make you feel?  For many people, they feel unhappy because they are not being true to themselves. Your unhappiness in this situation is understandable.

Think about it. How can you be happy if you are acting like someone else?

Receive these words…you will never have real happiness acting like someone else.  Your happiness will come by expressing YOU in your fullness. Specifically, the best of you. But, how can you discover the best of YOU, if you are putting your effort in trying to imitate someone else.

Listen up!

Embrace your difference. Let your difference shine wherever you go. You are one of a kind. Be okay with being uncomfortable when you are different from the crowd. Why? Your happiness matters. And, you will never be happy until you are
expressing the authentic and best of yourself.

So, being misunderstood is a part of life when you are being yourself. Thus, NEVER let anyone steal from you your uniqueness.

Your uniqueness is special and has the potential to connect you with real happiness. Remember…YOU being happy matters! So, make your happiness a priority.

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