Are You Making This Mistake?


 Are you yearning for success? Do you have goals that you’ve been dreaming of accomplishing for years, but you keep falling short of reaching them? It seems like you’re doing everything necessary to attain the goal; however, it never works out for you. What could be the problem? You may be sabotaging yourself.

Yes, you could be sabotaging your own success by the deep-seated thoughts and beliefs that you have on the inside of you. Or, you may be fearful of accomplishing what it is you say you want. A self-assessment is needed to uncover what is within you that is holding you back. Your self-assessment can be formal or informal. It can be as simple as you going to a quiet place and thinking carefully about what you believe and think about various situations that relate to your goal.

For instance, you may discover from your self-assessment that you are afraid of the process that it will take to reach your chosen goal. You don’t want the discomfort that you will experience as you go through the PROCESS of reaching your goal. Deep down you think the process is too hard. You don’t want to make the sacrifices necessary to accomplish that goal.

Unknowingly, you may be deceiving yourself. On one hand, you consciously say you want to attain your given goal, but on the other hand, you unconsciously sabotage yourself by your internal dialog. You are now in conflict with yourself.



You will never be able to reach your goal until you resolve the conflict you have with yourself. If you really want to accomplish your given goal, you must be willing to go through the process to get it. With that in mind, when thinking about your personal goals, it is smart to examine what the process will be to accomplish the goal. For example, if you want to lose 50 pounds, what is the process to lose 50lbs? If you want a certain job, what is the process to get that job? If you want a solid romantic relationship, what will it take to make it a reality?

Again, prior to committing to a goal, determine the process it will take to reach it. Do research on people who have already achieved the goal you are thinking about. Then ask yourself, “Am I willing to go through the process to reach this goal”.

It is easy for us to want what someone else has attained, but we may not want to go through the process to get want they attained. Any worthwhile goal in life has a process attached to it. We must be willing to go through that process to reach the goal. Yes, there may be discomfort and even suffering involved with the given process, but if you think the goal is worthy of your time, then the discomfort and possible suffering is worthy of your time as well. 


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