The Authentic You and Massive Success


Have you ever felt like you just wanted more out of life? Do you ever feel like you are not living up to your full potential? Do you feel deep down that there is more available for you to experience in life?

You know that you’re bigger. You’re better. But you’re stuck at your current level in life. It’s a feeling of dissatisfaction. In some cases, that feeling of dissatisfaction is in your conscious awareness; however, in other situations that feeling of dissatisfaction is in the unconscious realm within your unconscious mind.

With that feeling of dissatisfaction in your unconscious mind, it may be somewhat difficult for you to pinpoint the source of this feeling. One thing is for sure though, you know that this feeling doesn’t sit well with you.

Why do you have this feeling of dissatisfaction? One source of this dissatisfaction may be that you are not living as the authentic you. Yes, the authentic you, which is the real you.

You can’t be at your best until you operate within your authenticity. And, if you choose to not be your authentic self, the feeling of dissatisfaction will continue to be with you.

You have to make a decision to unleash the authentic you. This is the best you.  When you release the authentic you, you will be able to tap into your full potential. You may discover talents that you didn’t know existed.


The authentic you may be constrained by your culture, your family, your friends, and your environment. They dictate how you’re supposed to think, what career you’re supposed to pursue, how you’re supposed to dress, what you’re supposed to eat, even if the food is unhealthy for you.

Imagine…you may have untapped creativity on the inside of you that the world needs to experience. You could be holding within you the next big invention that could change the world. But, since your authenticity is being constrained the bigger things inside you can’t be revealed.  Make a decision now to OPEN the prison door that is holding the authentic you prisoner.  Let the real you be expressed fully. Don’t hold back!

When you allow the AUTHENTIC YOU to be revealed, you will have a flood of happiness rise within your soul, unlike you have ever experienced before. And that feeling of dissatisfaction will be eliminated because you are releasing the authentic you.

Your authenticity adds color and flavor to the world. So, be the authentic you without restraint. The authentic you has importance in this life. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Receive these words deep in your heart…You owe it to yourself, your family, and society to unleash the authentic you!


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