The Enemy to Your Success

What is the enemy to your success? Pay close attention to discover the answer. Once you receive the answer to the given question and take the necessary action, your life can be changed forever.

You may be wondering, why have I not reached the level of success that I desire? Why is my success escaping me? One of the reasons why your success is escaping you may be because you’re trying to be perfect.  You’re trying to reach perfection.

Yes, it is noble to want to be the best that you can be in the various areas of your life. But, when you seek perfection, you can’t satisfy the standard of perfection. And, eventually, the consequences of seeking perfection is analysis paralysis: It may be a romantic relationship. You’re overthinking about it and you never commit to the person. It could be starting a new business. You’re overly thinking about that business plan, so you never start the business. No matter what your definition of success, if you are trying to make things perfect before you take action, you will likely never accomplish your desired outcome.

The perfection mentality is an enemy to your success. I encourage you today to eliminate the perfection mentality. Keep in mind, there is no reason to delay your goals for the sake of perfection.

Why? Perfection doesn’t exist.  Accept the idea that you can always improve something. Be comfortable with making mistakes. And, learn from your mistakes. Then
be quick to make the appropriate changes based on what you learn.

The quicker you act on reasonable decisions, the faster you will experience the success that you desire. So, I say it again, destroy the perfection mentality in your life that is plaguing you, and be okay with not being perfect.

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